4th Annual Farm to Fork

The Armantrout Montessori Education Foundation presents the 4th Annual Grove School Farm to Fork Dinner benefiting The Grove School Parent & Teacher Group on 22 April 2023 from 5:00pm to 7:30pm in Heritage Park, Redlands.

The Armantrout Montessori Education Foundation (AMEF) is hosting a memorable evening of connection and community with an artisan multi-course meal served in rustic elegance.

Both the PTG and AMEF work to enrich the lives of students and teachers at The Grove School. While PTG supports many of the immediate day to day needs, AMEF is committed to creating sustainable, high quality Montessori education throughout every stage of child development.

Below is an abbreviated list of projects funded by the PTG and/or AMEF.

• Internationally recognized, Montessori teacher training for adolescents

• Uniforms for various extracurricular activities

• Community outreach projects, financial support for needy families during the holidays

• Scholarships for college-bound graduates

• Development of outdoor, COVID required, classroom spaces

• Supplementation of student fundraising efforts for CAWEs and senior projects

• Home science lab kits during COVID online school.

• Development of science laboratories, $4,000 in new equipment

• Hosting community events such as Fall Festival

• Replaced the commercial dishwasher in The Grove Kitchen

• Summer In The Grove, specialized adolescent summer educational programs