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The Armantrout Montessori Education Foundation is dedicated to the vision of Leon and Margie Armantrout for full spectrum Montessori education.

The Foundation enables this vision for Montessori education through support for Montessori in Redlands (MIR) and The Grove School which together provide a full spectrum of Montessori education in Redlands, CA.  We work in four program areas:

Montessori teacher training

The Foundation supports Montessori teacher training through a summer workshop that brings together experienced Montessori  teachers of adolescents, to share experiences and learn from each other.

Property development/cross-facilities planning

The Foundation is preparing a plan for property acquisition and renovation for The Grove School.

“Pedagogy of Place” curriculum development

As a part of a national focus on Montessori approaches to science, technology, engineering and math curriculum, the Foundation supports a distinctive “Pedagogy of Place” curriculum development project, promoting common spatial education curriculum across both of our supported schools, the Grove School and Montessori in Redlands.  The intent is to eventually integrate this curriculum with others nationally and globally.

Science of Peace Lab program

The Foundation also runs a summer enrichment program.